How to make a GIF in CANVA [CANVA PRO]

How to make a GIF in CANVA [CANVA PRO] (2020)

How to make a GIF in CANVA [CANVA PRO]

Waiiiit !! GIF’s in Canva ???

You guys know that I’m a pretty sarcastic person, right? So, I always like to find the perfect GIF that shows exactly my personality at that certain moment. But, I add a little bit more personality when I create my own GIF’s. And, this is exactly what I’m going to show you in this tutorial. This is how you can make GIF in Canva out of a Video. 

Watch the Full Video here >> (I’m going to take you on the back end and we are going to rock out together, creating some GIF’s!!  Let’s go) 

How to Make a GIF out of a video in CANVA PRO 

  • I always start by selecting the presentation template (1920px x 1080px)
  • Then, I upload my video and spread it into the whole canva so that it fits the full-frame of the template. 
  • Next, when I click on the video, it will appear at the top a crop option. Click on it and you would be able to crop your video. 
  • Now, select the portion of the video where you want to make it as a GIF. 
  • Review it. 
  • Add some text so that it looks more personalized. You can select the text and go to effect so you have more options to help the text stand out. 
  • Next, click download, select the GIF option. And you’re good to go!! 

Sometimes, when you download it, it will not appear as its supposed to (especially for Macs owners like me). So, what I’ll do is Airdrop it to my phone and I’ll be ready to use anytime. 

Hope you like this little tutorial.

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How to make a GIF in CANVA [CANVA PRO] (2020)

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