The Pros and Cons of Using a Teleprompter Glide Gear TMP100

The Pros and Cons of Using a Teleprompter Glide Gear TMP100

Recently I started using a teleprompter for brand work. It’s been a truly interesting journey. I will be sharing more about how I use my teleprompter soon! In the meantime, I want to share a bit about why I believe that you shouldn’t start out using a teleprompter if you are just starting to create video content.

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I used the Glide Gear teleprompter, which I have been truly loving! It’s a solid tool and although it is a bit on the pricy side at $199.00. I’ve been investing in creating a studio that I can record comfortably as one of my goals is to continue to develop relationships and create high-quality content with brands that I absolutely LOVE!!

Let’s Talk Teleprompter Apps!

I also wanted to share what I have been using with the teleprompter itself. I’ve been using the prompt smart pro teleprompter app! It’s been a lifesaver!! I’ve upgraded to pro so that I could still stay seated and control things easily. This app and the suite of products that go along with it is perfect for creators who are using either MAC or PC to create.

You’re able to learn more about Prompt Smart HERE. I use my iPad with my teleprompter, and I use my phone as a remote control with Prompt Smart features as well. Prompt Smart also has a feature where it recognizes your voice and flows along while you’re reading, but to be honest this feature hasn’t been reliable for me. I’ve enjoyed using the remote for better control.

I shared everything that I use in my amazon store below.

So here’s what I’ve learned about using a teleprompter so far.

  1. I still love doing research and preparing my script so that I’m not completely dependent on “reading” the words on the teleprompter as I’m recording. It’s truly there for your support.
  2. Sitting further away from it makes it look like I am “reading” less.
  3. Using vocal skills (raising and lowering your voice as it pertains to the content) and relevant body language is also helpful in disguising that you might be “reading” as well.
  4. Smile while you’re speaking! It’s worth it! Make the person on the other end feel as if you’re communicating and connecting with them.
  5. Let me tell you! Don’t feel bad if you have to go over it again and again! I realized that using a teleprompter genuinely takes practice.
  6. I still prefer to use the teleprompter to give me prompts so that I am able to flow into what I genuinely want to talk about, which is why I recommend doing research and knowing your material before recording or going live.
  7. Do a Practice run with your prompter before actually doing the real thing!

I hope that these tips were truly helpful!

The pros and cons of using a teleprompter 2020 Glide Gear TMP100

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    I never thought about using a teleprompter for brand work. That sounds like a great idea honestly. So I’ll see how I can implement that into my own.

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