How To Make Videos In Canva 2020!

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How To Make Videos In Canva 2020!

Did you know that you can make videos in Canva? Yes! Canva has been really doing their thing lately! A few years ago, I’d sit for hours in Photoshop and other Adobe Programs. Although I loved using the Adobe Suite, for me personally it took up more time to create.

This meant that I spent less time on actual money making activities in my business. Although I didn’t like Canva at the time (yes, lol! I used to be a Canva snob!). I decided that it was much more important to work quickly!

One thing that I realized is that many creatives struggle with this! We get caught in the cycle of creating and re creating and we don’t focus on activities that will help us to make more money or attract more of the right people.

This is when I doubled down on using Canva. For me, I could easily create in there. I could also use templates to build upon, and create content that I was able to easily evolve so much that it didn’t even look like the template when I was done.

Of course, there was the fact that you could start Canva for free as well. I do feel however that all of the goodies are found when you upgrade to a Canva Pro account. It’s definitely worth it!

Making Videos in Canva 2020, is perfect for the course creator!

It’s definitely a game-changer for sure!

A few things that I use Canva for in my course creation process are:

  1. Creating course materials.
  2. Designing for the Thinkific Platform (See what my Thinkific school looks like)
  3. Designing my workbooks, pdfs, freebies, templates, and such.
  4. Building my Webinars and Masterclasses, and so much more!
  5. Promotional Materials for Social Media

For promotional materials, I’ve started to create video content inside of Canva as well!

Below, you can take a look at how to create videos in Canva for your online courses.

Are you using Canva in your course creation process? Canva pairs so beautifully with Thinkific too! Wishing you all the good vibes in your Canva and Course Creation journey!

How To Make Videos In Canva 2020!



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