My diverse and extensive background is what sets me apart from the rest. I've worked for many years in different industries, all of which have helped to create the base of the woman I am today. In the past, I have used my creativity to successfully start several of my own online shops, blogs and businesses.

Because of this, I have been able to use my own experiences to assist others in successfully doing the same. I have been able to live in practicing my true passions which consists of teaching budding entrepreneurs as I have worked in Social Media, Beauty and Business since 2006. I love helping individuals to be the absolute best version of themselves (especially in the Digital Space).

In many ways, I've always felt like I grew up ahead of my time. By 18, I had immigrated to the US from Trinidad to study Business Management, held down several jobs, and by 20 I had already experienced living on my own in one of the worlds biggest and busiest cities. This allowed me to have a plethora of experiences that I could speak about to my audience as a blogger, and that is exactly what I did. Of course, when you speak about things that only you might care about, (Your bold sense of beauty, and your quirky fashion sense) like I did then, you would end up with a readership that is not quite extensive. However, I kept pushing on. I was determined!

After several rebranding experiences, many mistakes, several hosting changes and such, in November of 2014, I decided to document my beauty and fitness journey to help others and develop the The XayLi Show brand exactly as I had envisioned it for many years and this was where I met the audience that I truly love today. I was able to connect with my audience and turn them into dear friends and customers for products and services that I had to offer.

When I began to invest in myself, my craft, my skills, my equipment and my blog, I began achieving things that I never even thought I could. I was able to narrow down my working days from 10 hour days into 5 hour days, and in November of 2015, I transitioned into Full Time Entrepreneurship! Now I am able to work on my own business, help others to work on their own and come closer to conquering all of my Goals. My journey taught me lessons that I wouldn't trade for the world and I understood myself so much more after being weathered by many storms. I finally gained control of my body and my fitness journey (which was one of my biggest goals) and began to assist others in doing the same for themselves (Yes, I'm currently pursuing my American Council of Exercise Certification). I have also been able to create products, services and resources to assist others in achieving goals that they have dreamed of.  I have developed an undeniable passion for assisting and educating while creating and documenting.


the journey...

This makes me ultimately happy!!

I am not in any way close to where I envision myself being just yet, but the knowledge that I have gained along the way is absolutely priceless. With 7 years of blogging and selling online, a passion for helping people, a professional social media background and a huge heart, this woman intends to take over the world one blog post, online course, coaching session, video or email at a time!

The Outcome

That I can somehow inspire and educate you on following your passion and Creating Your Own Idea of an Awesome Life for yourself. I have learned and done a great deal along the way and I would love to share more of what I know with you.

My Genuine Hope Is...

Bio: XayLi Barclay is a dedicated Camera Confidence Coach, empowering entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to enhance their presence using video content. Specializing in helping individuals stand out and engage their target audience, she offers tailored guidance for attracting, nurturing, and converting viewers effectively. By leveraging her expertise, XayLi enables leaders to create captivating visual experiences, unlock diverse revenue streams, attract lucrative opportunities, and foster genuine connections. Through educational video content and comprehensive online courses, she equips others with the skills and confidence necessary to harness the power of video for impactful storytelling and business growth.

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