How To Be More Confident On Camera | Being Yourself On Camera

How To Be More Confident On Camera | Being Yourself On Camera

Confidence on Camera (What I Love to call “CAMFIDENCE” – Showing up as your best true self so that you connect with your true tribe on camera) is a combination of a few things well!
How To Be More Confident On Camera | Being Yourself On Camera

In this video, I touched on a few things that are essential to think about when trying to get over your fear of being yourself on camera. I’ve been teaching about creating video content for years. So, I’ve decided to compile a few solutions to the things that people have shared with me over that period of time.
I’m personally aware of what it feels like to be afraid of getting in front of the lens myself! Would you believe that I used to be petrified of creating videos myself? Now being in front of the camera (live and pre-recorded) is one of my favorite places in the world because I get to impact so many people!

What are your fears about being on camera? Care to share in the comments of this video? I really want to know!
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