Fear of Success for The Fear of being Scrutinized?

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Fear of Success for The Fear of being Scrutinized?

Although I’ve touched on this topic a few times, I feel like I need to talk about the fear of failure because as a video coach, this is something that comes up over and over as we grow for my people. So I want to make sure that I am addressing it. The thing about fear is that it comes in two ways. 

So many people are afraid of what others are going to say. And they’re also afraid of what the people that actually find you are going to say. 

Two Types for Fear of Failure?

Let me set up a bit of a vision here.

Let’s say that you are in business. And you are in a phase where you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I need to grow”. You know what you need to do in order to grow, right? 

But when you do grow, there’s going to be another beast that you have to worry about. This is what people that you don’t know are going to say “The trolls online”. 

There are trolls online. I’m sharing from a place of going through both aspects of, “Oh my gosh, I’m afraid of success”, and the other aspect of “I’m afraid of what people are going to say”. This is something that stops people from actually getting on camera.

Both are connected to fear of failure: the fear of the people that we already know seeing us fail at something that we were bold enough to try, and the fear of trolls seeing us fail at something that we were bold enough to try.

Both of these things can cause you to do things that are not in direct alignment with you moving forward. Are you operating in your zone of genius or in your highest potential? That’s a lot of what fear is about. We’re afraid to show up as our most successful selves because we’re afraid of what the people that we already know could say. 

If I fail in front of thousands of people, what is that going to feel like? This episode is really based on showing you why none of these things actually really matter. 

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I was listening to a speech that Oprah gave, and she was talking about filling up your cup. She was actually talking about being afraid to grow for the fear of people around you. So, we really need to think about things like these because, in order for us to elevate, there’s so much that goes along with it.

These two types of fear or the two categories that I spoke about earlier are both really intimidating because it also is connected to us being criticized. We’re human and we don’t want to be criticized. 

Just covering fear in its entirety and understanding that you can and will push past fear and you showing up on camera is essential.

The Think and Grow Rich Book by Napoleon Hill says to fear criticism, robs people of their initiative. It destroys their power of imagination. It limits their individuality and it takes away their self-reliance. 

When you are experiencing fear of what people might say or think about you, whether it is in the category of the people that know you now, or the people that will know you in the future, the fear of criticism robs people of their initiative.

This is why you have to be connected to a bigger vision of what you would like to accomplish.

Having this fear will rob you of seeing that version of yourself because you’re so stuck in the version that you currently are.

When we have fear, our subconscious mind starts protecting us or, or keeping us comfortable in where we are right now. So it robs you of seeing a future version of yourself or a different version of yourself, or as I said before, the most successful version of yourself.

We go through the fear of being successful. And that fear of being successful stops us from doing anything towards being successful. And I’m a big advocate of knowing what you want and putting in the action behind it. So if you don’t believe in that success or the bigger picture or what you’re supposed to do in service of other people to make you successful, then you won’t do what’s required for you to get there. If you can’t see the bigger picture, then you won’t do things that relate to the bigger picture in your day today. And that’s something that is super important.

So that fear of being successful really stops us from visualizing what that would be like or understanding how we’re actually able to accomplish success on our terms. And I say on your terms, because it is on your terms, right?

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I hope that this was helpful. 



Fear of Success for The Fear of being Scrutinized?, fear of failure, think and grow rich, xayli barclay podcast

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