Here’s Why You Should Be Going Live Daily!

Here’s Why You Should Be Going Live in 2021 | xayli barclay

Here’s Why You Should Be Going Live Daily!

Going Live in your Facebook Group, on Youtube, or on Instagram is a must these days. People want a real connection with you. Your audience wants to chat with you and know your thoughts, knowledge, and recommendations at that specific moment. They want to learn from you and talk with you. So, here’s why you should be going live this year even if you’re just starting out, and how to get more views.

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“I’m still new to building my audience and my brand. I was thinking that doing the 30 days of lives could help. I have a Facebook Page and a YouTube Channel. Should I do it on Facebook? Should I do it on YouTube? Or should I do it on both? Does it make a difference on either platform in your likes, follows and subscribers?” 

You should be going live. It’s something that you must do, especially in this day and age. A lot of the time, when people have time for themselves they want to learn new skills. They want to absorb new content and information. A lot of people in the nine to five are looking for ways to side hustle or start a new business, right? That’s why you should be out there sharing your message. You should be going live sharing what you know that can help them get active. 

But first, let them know that you’re going live !! 

One thing that I always do is promote my lives everywhere. If you follow me, you’ll know that I remind you almost every day on the Facebook group that we are going live. I also post it on Instagram so that my people from there can join me on Youtube. Additionally, I send emails and reminders about when I’m going live and what I’m going to talk about doing the live. So, this helps to get more views that day that you’re going live, but also helps to get more people to hear your message and take something valuable when they listen… And, of course, to have fun, right? 

Talk about your business.

If you’re a business coach, go live talk about how you can help them uplevel their business. Share reasons why they’re stuck. Answer their questions. The same goes for if you’re a chiropractor. Go live and talk about what do you do, how do you do it, why is it important, when it’s time to go to a chiropractor, and so on. 

Go Live to build a stronger relationship with your audience. 

As a person that has been creating video content online for years, I can say that pre-recorded videos are amazing. You can build relationships. It is self-paced for you and you’re able to record months ahead of content. However, there’s nothing like going live. It’s a different experience. You get to really know the people that care about you and are eager to learn from you. I’ve gotten to know you guys by name because I show up every Friday for you. 

You Should Be Going Live on a Consistent Basis 

That’s the next thing? Consistency. Listen, if you have something to say, you need to say it, you need to show up, you need to show your face. You need to get out there. The more times you show up on a consistent basis, the more people are going to show up, and the more you’ll grow.

Get Comfortable Being On Camera 

A lot of us are afraid of saying the wrong thing. We’re afraid of sharing our opinions for the fairs that we get shunned by people. But the biggest thing that you can build, especially in the online space is polarity, um, or community based on polarity. Not everyone is gonna love you. Not everyone’s gonna agree with what you’re saying, but if it’s something that you strongly believe in, use your voice and share that thing. 

Show up. Don’t be afraid. A lot of us are afraid to show up. We’re afraid to do the thing or show up as our best selves. But you got to do it, you got to SHOW UP! It’s so powerful. 

Now, Where You Should Be Going Live? 

So, you guys know that I love multi-streaming but it really depends on what platform you love. It also depends on where your people are. Facebook is great to live stream on, and YouTube is great to go live too.

The reason why I love YouTube for streaming is that I can repurpose my content and make it searchable. So, I love going live, but with intention because I want to make sure that the people that need to hear what I’ll say can search for their question and pop on my live. Also, that live stays there and you’re able to get in there and work on SEO for it. 

Even if you have not started building your YouTube channel yet, you can really go live with an intention on YouTube. I love that I can schedule a live. I can figure out exactly the angle of the live and who might view it and create titles, thumbnails, and SEO before I even go live. That way, my live can be repurposed. 

So, remember to show up knowing what your audience wants from you and how can you help them get through their struggles. Keep in mind what you want to be known for so that you’re building the right audience.

Here’s Why You Should Be Going Live in 2021 | xayli barclay

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