Why You Must Know Who Your Ideal YouTube Subscriber Avatar Is!

Why You Must Know Who Your Ideal YouTube Subscriber Avatar Is!

In this post, I decided to share 5 Reasons Why You Must Know Who Your Ideal YouTube Subscriber Avatar Is!! You’ve probably already started your YouTube channel, or you’ve started and stopped. Orrrr you’re probably one of those folks who knows how important it is that you start one and so you’ve been thinking about doing it forever!
 But first, let’s cover a few things!

This blog post really for people who are looking to grow their businesses by creating what I call “smart video contenton YouTube! So understanding who your ideal subscriber is one of the smartest things that you can do!

Close your eyes and think about creating a space where you are able to attract the perfect person. Someone who would be able to get to know you, get value from what you’re sharing, indulge in your free content every week, sign up for your email list, start really liking you and then potentially (with much ease because you’ve been building a real relationship with them) buy your products and/or services!
Just imagine what could happen if you really did put yourself out there! (Well I kinda broke it down above, but feel free to imagine away anyway!). If you’re looking to create that kind of flow, then you absolutely have to know who you are creating content for!
Understanding Who Your Ideal Subscriber is

So let’s dive into some video stats!

1. Do you know that more people are watching YouTube on their phones than people are watching cable TV? And in a few years, most people won’t even be subscribed to cable services anymore?
2. Did you know that people watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube Per Day? Leaving both Netflix and Cable in the dust? See the thing is that with Facebook, we look at what we’re fed on our feed. But with YouTube, we get to make a choice of what we’d like to watch. This satisfies the idea of instant gratification that is so popular in this time!
3. Now this one is my absolute fave! Only 9% of small businesses are on YouTube! Do you have any idea of what that means for you and me? That means that literally, no one (only a few smart people) have already tapped into the goodness that is the business opportunity called YouTube Marketing! A perfect place for us to create content that causes our IDEAL SUBSCRIBER, to view, engage, know, like and trust us!

So let’s get into the good part! Here are your reasons why!

1. When you know who your ideal subscriber is, you’re able to create content specifically for that person! If you know their pain points, pleasure points and what they really crave more of, etc. You’ll able to create that type of content for a group and then essentially attract even more people just like that one person! It’s like having the blueprint!!
2. It becomes so much easier to engage and build a relationship because you’re able to provide true value to a person that needs a specific kind of help!
3. You automatically become the expert for your specialty! They will come to you, they will share your content and they will tell others all about you as well!
4. You’ll be able to attract them from all angles! If you’re looking to attract and help moms, you’ll be able to speak their specific language, understand their schedules and relate to their struggles as well! It’s like you guys will be speaking a specific code language that other people won’t (and aren’t supposed to understand if the content isn’t created specifically for them!)
5. As you are building and growing and engaging with ease, people start telling you exactly what they want from you! You’re then able to give them a product or a service that they’ve actually created and want to purchase themselves! It’s also like having built-in market research so that you’re able to serve them better and better with ease! Especially because they know, like and trust you!
Be sure that you take the time to understand who you are creating for so that you can evaluate how you can start helping those people! When you do the front end work, it makes everything that comes after, so much easier!!

Have you created your subscriber avatar just yet?

If you haven’t and you want my exact worksheet for creating a subscriber avatar be sure to head down below! It’s the best way to understand how you’re able to create one person and cater to a growing audience!


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