The Video Strategy I used Years Ago That YouTubers Should Be Using Now

The Video Strategy I used Years Ago That YouTubers Should Be Using Now

The one video strategy that I did years ago that helped me to do what YouTubers are focusing on now!
Do you know what happens to me all the time? Someone that I’ve never met before says hey! I’ve met you before, you look so familiar! And then I say no I don’t think we’ve met at all, but I’d love to know more about you! I’ve gotten this so much that I know exactly where it comes from!

They know me from YouTube!! 

But let me back up a bit and share my YouTube story. As I write this, I live in a beautiful, light, and airy, live-work space in Downtown Dallas Texas (see me setting up my office chair here). And the view out of my bedroom window looks like this…
But, I’m not yet at my pinnacle, and it wasn’t always this way! So let me tell you how I was able to use a small targeted audience as leverage to grow with video…
  • Started with a plan!
  • Created content for a specific group of people.
  • Tagged, titled, and did all of the right things so that I’d show up in their searches and feeds.
  • Asked them to subscribe even when I hardly had subs and I gave them a reason to because I created good content.
  • Upped my quality and invested in my visual appearance (I started with one bomb light, that literally showed people that I was HERE!! Lol).
  • Promoted my content!
Now there are a few more things that I did strategically, which I teach in my courses, and in this free workbook for creating your own video topics and strategy! but Yes! I did this so many years ago and it has worked for me even today!
Example: I love partnering with businesses and working with brands! I’m really good at creating with Canva, and although I literally just launched my business channel, I uploaded a video solving a problem for people in my industry on creating fillable or editable PDFs.
Although it was uploaded a week ago and only has 16 views, those 16 views are QUALITY VIEWS! (for me quality views on my channel mean views that I am able to then share even more knowledge with them and at some point, later on, monetize after sharing free content). The key here is to Not depend on Google Ad words! We should all have multiple streams of income!
One of those 16 views was CANVA!! I’m making it a goal of mine to collaborate with them sometime soon! Especially because I am Canva Approved now! lol!
See what I mean about quality views! I’ve been able to work with so many brands as a micro influencer through specific strategy! I’m always providing so much value through my own journey and story! So if you’ve been waiting to start sharing your journey and story! You must start now and here!
So what was I walking about when I first started YouTube?
I was talking about my hair! Yup! That’s where I started. I was a beauty influencer who proves now that beauty goes along with brains too! But, I’ve been able to help hundreds of people understand how they themselves can dominate their video niches in order to monetize and grow.
So, I coined myself Token Dread Girl and started sharing how one could maintain their “locs”. A hairstyle worn by so many people, religions and cultures around the world.
I even had a line of apparel and tees in 2013!! Can you believe it?
I made sure that I was sharing valuable and helpful information for people who were experiences struggles just like me! This WORKED! I still get called Token Dread Girl sometimes, although I have since cut my hair and rebranded completely to follow my passion of teaching people just like you!
So how are you going to dominate your own corner of YouTube?
What’s your angle? Have you been sharing your story yet? What makes you different, or what are you passionate about?
Be Sure to Grab your Free Video Content Strategy Workbook and let me know what you came up with!

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