How To Grow Your YouTube Channel by Pre-Planning Your Videos

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel by Pre-Planning Your Videos

Growing your YouTube Channel can be one of the trickiest platforms because a video always has the chance of being a hit or miss. We want to treat our audience to bite-sized videos that either entertain or help them in some way. The thing is, that doing this on a consistent basis is one of YouTube’s major keys!

They (YouTube) love consistency! It’s like the more you share, the more they are privy to sharing your content. But that’s one of the hardest things to keep up with doing as a YouTuber. Let’s be honest here for a second, it’s a bit tough to upload videos that took hours to film every week and they get little to no views. (Trust me I know what this feels like). 

Planning for your Youtube Channel includes Research!

My goal has been to create videos that get a certain amount of views each month (those monthly views really do add up)! So one thing I always do before I even do a YouTube video is to ensure that it is something that my audience (or even my potential audience) wants to see.  
How do I do this?!? I pre-plan! I do research and I make sure that whatever ideas I have in my mind for videos aren’t developed until I’m sure that they make just a smidgen of sense to other people. After all, those people are the ones that I’m creating for right? 

Preparing content for your Youtube Channel makes the process smoother.  

Going into a video knowing exactly what I’m going to talk about really helps. Before I record, I also do another form of research. I research my topic to ensure that I’m giving the best information possible as it relates to my point of view. (Remember you never want to be boring by regurgitating textbook info). Put your own spin on things! It’s your channel, so add your opinion and experience to it. So yes, putting my thoughts onto paper does help a lot with being prepared to flow smoothly on the camera. This is perfect for the people who might be nervous to speak on camera as well. Most times our fear comes from a lack of knowledge.  If you know what you’re gonna say, you’re much more likely to just flow!

Locking in dates for projects (Scheduling)  

Do you know how much more likely you are to do something if you put a specific date and time to it?!? Well, the answer is that you’re much more likely to get it done because it becomes an assignment! For me, just knowing that I should upload one or more videos a week for YouTube is very different from knowing that I’ve committed myself to a specific date to film, edit, and upload. A date helps to make you subconsciously responsible for completing the task. It’s kinda like making an appointment to do something as important as your next doctor’s check-up. Locking in dates for the creation process of your videos will help you to create more consistently. 
The biggest joy is that after implementing these three things, you’ll see growth in your channel and this will make you want to stay consistent, plan and produce even more!
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