Quality and Consistency (two- nonnegotiable in your business)

quality and consistency || XayLi Barclay || Start, Shoot, Grow, Thrive Podcast

Quality and Consistency (two- nonnegotiable in your business)

Quality and consistency are two of the biggest non-negotiables in your business. Here’s why! 

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I want you to think about yourself just where you are right now. Sometimes we have feelings and I want you to sink into those feelings. Sometimes we feel unworthy. We feel lost, frustrated, undeserving of greater things, unhappy, ashamed. 

I get it. A lot of times we aren’t thinking about the bigger picture and the importance of how we are shifting the world through our work. 

So, what do we do when we feel like that? 

We stopped showing up because we’re not thinking about the long game. We’re not thinking about the bigger picture. We’re not thinking about our purpose and why we were put here. So, we end up putting our thoughts about ourselves to the forefront of our actions, which in turn causes inaction. 

You end up not doing anything, because we sometimes don’t believe in the quality of what we’re creating, or we’re consistently looking for perfection in the journey. In this process, we keep thinking about the gurus in our space, or the competition or those people that are completely killing it in the online space, instead of thinking about our people. 


You have to think about your people. When we hit the ground running with our people, and we make sure that we are zoned in with what they need from us and how we can serve them, that makes us such a big difference. If we start here where we are today, and we come into that bigger picture and we stay connected to that bigger picture and journey, the quality of our commitment or the quality of what we’re doing is bound to improve. 

Quality and Consistency

Quality and Consistency are two things that really rely heavily on each other. When it comes to building your vision for yourself and your business, you’re going to have to depend on faith, right? And so when we speak about consistency and quality, it’s really about how you’re showing up and what you’re doing when you do show up to improve heavily. 

For example, I am so dedicated to helping people really get confident on camera. And it’s because I’m thinking about the bigger picture. I’m not only thinking about myself, my family, and us thriving. I want to help other people thrive. And I want to shift other people’s mindsets and the way that they think about the work, and the things that they are doing. I want to help people make a real impact. 

Focus on the Bigger Vision and the People that You want to work with.

Now, sometimes things just don’t go the way that we want them to feel. That’s where faith definitely comes in. If you’re just focused on what you can see and your emotions, you will end up being stagnant and you will stop doing what you know you’re supposed to do. So, start really visualizing what do you want. If not for yourself, visualize how you want to serve. How do you want to serve your people?  You should be visualizing the quality of people that you wanted to work with. 

When you start thinking about the quality of people you want to work with, you would want the highest quality of people to work with. Therefore, I want you to think about your dream customer. I want you to think about the people that you know are ready to actually do the work you want. 

So, when you think about that person, I want you to multiply that person by a thousand or by thousands or hundreds, wherever you’re starting because you want so many of those people, and I promise you that they are out there. 

How have you been Showing Up?

When you think about those people that you want to work with, I want you to think about how you have been showing up for that kind of person. 

How are you attracting this person? 

Have have you been getting out there to attract this person? 

Have have you been sharing content that this person would be attracted to or interested in? 

How have you been showing up for this person? 

Have you been consistent in the quality and the way that you show up for that person? 

How have you been investing in yourself to serve this type of person?

Did you even start showing up for this person?

Do you have been keeping that thing at the forefront of your mind and moving with intention or thinking about it in a way where this thing can happen? 

If you want quality results consistently, you are going to have to do a few things differently, and I’m just going to leave you at that. 

Talk to you in the next one. 

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quality and consistency || XayLi Barclay || start, shoot, grow, thrive podcast

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