Here’s my Top Secret Weapon!! (Cycle Syncing)

Here's mCycle Syncing || XayLi Barclay | Video Content Creator Coach

Here’s my Top Secret Weapon!! (Cycle Syncing)

One thing that really makes a difference to me is cycle syncing with my business. Because I synchronize my menstrual cycle with my business using my flow app, I get so much work done.

I use my cycle to navigate my business because my cycle is not going anywhere, and I need to understand what are my weaknesses and strengths during specific times.

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So, with your cycle, you have four different cycles that you go through right now. 

Menstrual Phase

The first cycle is your menstrual cycle. So that cycle varies for every woman out there. But in your menstrual cycle, you want to rest because this is when you start to overthink stuff and say negative things about yourself and your business. Whatever you’re telling yourself in this part is not true. I have to tell myself, “as soon as this time is over, we’re going to be back on track”. 

Follicular Phase 

This is where I  have new ideas. That’s when all the ideas come in, and things get exciting in my workflow. So, I usually take advantage of this moment and sit down to map out all of the ideas. For that, I use Notion right now because I’m able to break down all of my plans, ideas, and content, and move it to Trello to start executing them. 

Ovulation Phase

Ovulation is when I am ready to kick some ass. Right? That means all of the ideas that I came up with, I can now execute them in the ovulation time because this is the time when you feel like a boss. 

I do sales calls, launches, dominate the camera, and all this stuff during ovulation because it’s when I want to show up and do the most. Keep this in mind, because whenever you want to do sales calls or launches, or interviews, you don’t want to do them when you’re feeling your best. 

Luteal Phase 

I edit during the luteal phase. I no longer edit my videos because now I have an editor, but, in my time of editing, I would edit during my luteal phase because that’s when you’re checking off boxes, and you’re finishing things. That is where you’re getting things done, and you pay attention to real details. That is the phase that you would really zone in when it comes to editing. So every month you can now go through these different schedules and figure out what really works for you. I want you to think about that because it works. You won’t believe I’m telling you it works so well.

One thing that I love doing between my luteal and menstrual phase is writing down the thoughts that are coming to me. I like to write about those insecurities, those self-talks, those questions because that’s what my clients are saying to themselves. 

So, when I come through and say “this is what you’re thinking and you need to stop it”,  I know from personal experience how we can overcome these things because I’ve also been feeling them. 

I hope this was helpful for you to plan according to how your body feels on certain days.

Cycle Syncing for business || XayLi Barclay | Video Content Creator Coach

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