How to Build Brand Relationships As a Small Business

How to Build Brand Relationships As a Small Business

I’ve started back podcasting! This quarantine (COvid-19) has me in such a creative mood! I’ve wanted to start back creating audio content for a bit! If you’ve been with me for a while you know that I started podcasting in 2015 or so. Life has changed so much! Wow! Scroll down to listen to how to build brand relationships as a small business.

My goal with the Start Shoot Grow Thrive podcast is to provide much-needed info for creatives from my perspective. It’s actually a much more messy endeavor and isn’t as curated as my usual content. I think I’m also going to keep it that way. My goal is to be real, raw, and unedited. I want to tell stories about the back end of things and also let you into a side of my world that I hardly ever show!

Listen below!

In this episode, I shared a few things that I’ve implemented over time to build solid brand relationships as a small business owner! Have you ever wanted to work with a brand? Have you thought about building relationships with brands that probably have the same audience that you’d want to target for your own business?

As a business owner, brand partnerships are some of the best investments of time that you could ever make! Listen to what really made a difference starting my relationships with brands! 

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How to Build Brand Relationships As a Small Business

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