How To Use Reflector 3 App | How To Record Your Phone Screen

How To Use Reflector 3 App 2020 | How To Record Your Phone Screen | Record for Your Online Course

How To Use Reflector 3 App | How To Record Your Phone Screen

The reflector app has been one of the tools that I’ve used for a long time. It’s such a helpful tool to record your phone screen or your computer screen for your online course or any project that you have in mind. I love this tool because it’s a one-time payment, it’s affordable and it is also easy to use! I think those three things determine if I’m really going to use any tool at all!

You can learn more about it over at

Steps for Using Reflector to Record your Phone Screen:

1. Make sure that you connect your Phone or Tablet via the USB cable so that the app can find the information source that you are looking to mirror.

2. When you connect the devices, open up the screen share on your device

3. Be sure to click screen mirroring on the device that you’re looking to mirror from

4. Enter the code that they’re showing on your laptop onto the device you are recording on (Phone or Tablet to computer) 5. The device should connect and pop up on the screen!

I share in more depth in the video below!

Watch the FULL video HERE >>

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