How To Resize Your Videos For IGTV & Stories!

How To Resize Your Videos For IGTV & Stories!

YES !!! You can start to resize your videos for your social media platforms and keep sharing your valuable message to where your audience is.

How To Edit/Crop and Resize Your Videos For IGTV & Instagram Stories!

There are so many ways that we’re able to use video content in our business! One cool thing is that we are also able to repurpose video content as well!

I think that so many of us create from a space of churn and burn, that we never really also think about how we are also able to repurpose our content!

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a way to use your video content for other platforms.

How To Edit/Crop and Resize Your Videos For IGTV & Instagram Stories!

So, If you’ve had videos that you’ve been wanting to share on more than one platform, I wanted to share how I use Inshot App to resize the video so that it can be vertical for your IGTV videos or even for a promotional video for Instagram stories too!

Remember that your audience in different places. They will now always hear your message if you do not show up to them where they are. Many can see you on Instagram, but they don’t see your content on Youtube.

That’s why repurposing is not about making your content creation easier. Repurposing is about being everywhere your audience is sharing the same message.

So, I strongly encourage you to use this tool to keep spreading value to the different places that your audience is.

They want to hear from you!!

Be there!!

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