What’s appropriate for your business vs a personal account?


What’s appropriate for your business vs a personal account?

“For those of you who have two social media accounts, personal and business, do you post your content and announcements on both or just your business?” 

This question is preferential. I have an audience on my @xaylibarclay account, which is my personal account. And sometimes, because that’s my traffic driver, if I’m doing something that I feel like I really want everyone to know, I will share on both accounts. 

When it comes to what’s appropriate to post on your business account vs. a personal account, I think it’s really about respecting your audience and understanding that some people are just here for the tips, and some people are here to understand more about you. 

A lot of people love looking at my personal accounts to see what I’m doing. So, for me, if it’s something huge like a masterclass, I want to make sure that everybody knows my personal account, my business account, my email list, and whatnot because whatever I’m doing is also a part of me.

Start, Shoot, Grow is a huge part of what I do and who I am, especially in this season of life where I’m really committed to helping women get confident on camera. Because of this, you will see, start, shoot, grow stuff on my account. 

Would my personal account be saturated with Start, Shoot Grow stuff?


Will I always be talking about video content on my personal account?


Why? Because in there I also would love for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you. 

That’s the difference between having your personal account and your business account. I think it’s really important for us to know. 

What are the goals of your business account vs. a personal account? 

What’s the goal of your personal account and what is the goal of your business account?

For example, my business account is going to be based on more business stuff, and my personal account is going to be based on a lot more personal stuff such as getting to know me, understanding that I too have the same struggles that you have, or I had the same struggles that you had for me getting on camera and teaching about video content.

However, the things that I shared on my personal profile are somehow connected to my business because I am a business owner. It is one of the things that I go to sleep thinking about that I wake up thinking about as well.

What if you have a thousand different things? 

I love fitness, but don’t monetize it. Also, I love food but I don’t monetize it. I love sharing about beauty. Sometimes I don’t monetize it. These are things that I don’t monetize. I share about them, but I don’t want to ties because it’s part of me and who I am. On my personal profile, I share my interests but it t doesn’t mean that I need to monetize them. It just means that there are things that I’m interested in. I will always be interested in them, but they’re not at the forefront of monetization for my business right now. 

I hope this was helpful for you. 


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