Interact Quizzes For Segmenting Your Audience!

Interact quizz for lead magnet

Interact Quizzes For Segmenting Your Audience!

It’s almost Quarter 2 and of course we should be in Quarter 3-4 planning like the super star, rock star business owners we are right?
But over here, my team and I have been in transition for the past few months! In speaking with a colleague yesterday, I was reminded that I have great problems to solve, as I am in the process of growing my course design and strategy agency and growing & expanding my own course business as well.

Interact Quizzes For Segmenting Your Audience!

Making sure that I set things up the right way in both places is priority for me. Thankfully, I’m able to slow down on my own physical work because of passive income streams and other existing income.

Tip: Nothing is wrong with taking some time away to solidify and execute. It’s all about building a foundation that is stable and allows you to produce with a purpose! So although I can go gunning into the rest of the year as things are.. My goal is to make sure that I put my value and outcome for my clients and students at the forefront of all that I do!

Enter Interact!

When I saw this I immediately loved the concept! Now that I’m going to be shifting to focusing more on Video for Business, I have an awesome group of Influencers in my facebook group “The Influencer Hub“. I’d like to figure out who is there to just start a youtube channel, and who is there to start one for business so that I’m able to share specific information with both groups.
Although I can do this using facebook group polls, which I’ve done before, my goal is to get these folks into an educational funnel so that that I’m able to teach and nurture them at different rates.
I love that Interact makes it easy to get a good effective quiz up and running in no time.
They have templates, awesome stock photos, and on site ability to incorporate good branding!! I’m really huge on making something look as amazing as it is!

How To Plan Your Quiz For Success!

1. Write out the Goal for Your Quiz: Mine is to separate my group
2. Map out the results that you want: I want my audience to understand where they stand in their reasons for wanting to create video content.
3. Map out the characteristics of your result.
4. Get to calculating and designing your quiz (add your own flava! Branding colors, photos etc.)
5. Connect your email list (be sure you’ve set up your segmenting etc.)
6. Hit Go!
It was especially helpful for me to have results and characteristics before hand so that I could have spoken directly to these people. May a helpful thing to do would be to create an avatar for each person. Think about where they are currently and where you’d like them to be at the end of your process.
Want to see what my quiz looks like? I so excited about the clarity it’s given me and the people who have taken it so far!

See my quiz HERE

Thinking of trying interact yourself?

I can’t wait to dive into their giveaways and polls features as well!
Interact quizz for lead magnet

Create your own Interact Quiz HERE

Let me know what you think about interact!

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