How To Use Videos To Attract The Right Clients in Your Business

How To Use Videos To Attract The Right Clients in Your Business

This year I’ve gotten a few clients well from YouTube! It’s really awesome when you connect with someone in that first appointment and they tell you that they’ve found you on YouTube! It proves me ranting about how amazing having a solid strategy for your video content is all the time. It never fails! Why? I always tell you that YouTube is a search engine. If you position yourself in the right way, they’re going to find YOU! Yes, you are going to be the solution to their problems! And YES!!! You can use video to attract the right clients to your business.

I share a few tips in this Vlog/Video!

A few things that I covered, just in case you want some notes to take away to attract the right clients to your business…

  • Tell a Story in your video, it sets you apart from other people that are sharing similar things and also draws your audience into who you are.
  • No need to create million-dollar looking videos, The key is to provide good quality information with tools or items that you already have.
  • Your goal when creating good video content isn’t to get everyone’s attention. You’re looking to get the attention of a specific group of people to who you are able to give specific solutions.
  • Your goal isn’t to be popular or to go viral on youtube, your goal is to actually be found by a niche group of people!
  • Don’t make your focus on getting rich from google ad sense. Your goal is to share how you are able to help others through your own products and services. Google Adsense may come after as a bonus!
  • Be very strategic about what you put in your description box. Think about the action that you’d like for that person to take after watching your video. Whether you want them to send an email or to get on your calendar for a free consultation!
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