Tools that made me money in business

Tools that made me money in business

Tools that made me money in business

If you are looking to know how to use video, to sell more of your products and services, you are in the right place because I’m sharing some of the tools that actually helped me make money in my business. I’m so excited about talking about this. 


I love sharing content for course creators because I am a Thinkific expert. If you don’t know what Thinkific is, it is the most amazing online course platform out there. This is where you can completely download all of your knowledge, and put them into a format to actually sell them as an online course.

Thinkific is absolutely amazing. I’ve been using this platform for years and helping others build and monetize on the platform as well. It’s one of the places that I made a lot of money, right? So you want to make sure that if you’re in the position where services are getting a bit much and you want to start scaling. Nothing is wrong with selling your knowledge. Creating an online course is a really amazing experience that you should definitely think about. If you do have an audience and you feel like you’re ready to start serving many people at once. It’s good to have something that you can sell to your audience where you don’t actually have to be present.

2020 took a toll on us, obviously from the impact of COVID and there was so much going on in the US as well. There was a huge civil rights movement in 2020. A lot of things were happening and a lot of people were at home. 2020 was rough. But one thing that did not suffer was the online industry.

Jenny wrote an article on a Thinkific blog, which talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the online course industry. She said that a lot of people were at home. People were looking to learn new things and expand their skills. And this was an amazing opportunity for people to actually take the time to create an online course. So, if you’re ready to start helping more than one person at the same time, definitely check Thinkific out. You can also one of my masterclasses where I’ll show you how to create video content for your online course. I’ll also show you step-by-step on how to put your idea into a course.

Deadline Funnel 

The second thing that I use in my online course business that has made me money is Deadline Funnel. Listen. I love Deadline Funnel because it actually creates a timer for your offering. Why? Because people need urgency in order to buy. 

That is exactly what it is to think that I love the most about Deadline Funnel is that, um, it’s real. Whenever that timer is up and over, it will not let you in, no matter what you try to do (go incognito, sign in with another email, etc..) because this system tracks the IP address of that person. And I honestly like that because then it holds true to my word. 

If I say, you can’t get access to this thing, then you really can’t after because you should have taken action at that time. As I said, This probably isn’t for everyone, but it definitely made a difference with me. 


I’m always talking to you guys about having an email list. So even if you don’t know what your online course is just yet, you can create an email list where you actually have people subscribing because they’re interested in whatever it is that you are going to release later on, or you may release. I believe in creating a waitlist because it keeps a specific group of people who are interested in buying from you in one specific place. 

With Convertkit, you create a bomb landing page for a specific thing, and you can communicate with those people every so often. You’re able to nurture your audience. I love sharing content with my audience. One thing I do with my audience as well inside of ConvertKit is I always update them when I have new videos on YouTube or when I have a podcast episode out or when I’m having a sale. It just gives you an immediate group of people that you can actually buy from. 

If you’re in that space where you’re transitioning from your side hustle into your career, it’s definitely cool to start nurturing your people so that you’re able to sell to them consistently.


I love using HoneyBook, and if you’re a service-based business then HoneyBook is for you. 

HoneyBook is something that I use to communicate with my clients, assign proposals to sign contracts, manage projects, send out invoices, manage tasks, and map out projects. I don’t really use it for tasks, but I use it to kind of outline or map out what working on a project would include. With Honeybooks, you can actually see an in-depth view of what did really well this year, and how much money did you make from XYZ? It even has profit and loss balanced statements that you can see. They even have templates. So you’re able to send brand templates. You can type out your own templates, or you can kind of go based on what they have in there.

It just helps me to make my business better.  Get HoneyBook for 50% off for one year with my referral link


The next tool that I use that has uplevel my business is Solo.To because it really gives my Instagram bio a whole different vibe. Because I’m a video creator, I’m able to put up videos in there. I can also put in a specific date or timeline for that link to show up. Let’s say I have a masterclass going for two weeks. I’ll just put the dates where the masterclass will be on and then, I don’t have to worry about deleting the link or putting it the day the masterclass starts. 


You guys know that everything my team and I do is inside of Canva. Right. Canva is actually such an amazing tool. You’re able to get so much done and I love that you’re able to collaborate there as well. I have a lot of videos based on Canva on the channel. 


Trello is where my assistant and I create tasks to help us reach a bigger goal. We break down everything that we need to know monthly, weekly, daily. This is where we also plan videos, podcasts, posts, and basically anything that you see online as it pertains to creating content for Star Shoot Grow. If you have a team, a VA, or even if you are a solopreneur, this board will get your content game all the way together.


Then we move over to Notion to expand on things. The reason I love Notion is that Notion is really noteworthy. I organize my brain in here and then I invite everyone to get access to my brain. Right. So even when we look at what’s going on in the Academy, I have a monthly planning board, which is an overview of the year for me and what I have going on for the full year. I love being organized. It is something that I will never give up and it’s a huge part of my business and how I even teach the people that I work with my students and all of that. I feel like time management, productivity, and everything that I do is based on those things. So if you feel like these are things you want to learn more about, especially with your online business.

The reason why I like sharing these things is that a lot of times we come into this world of business and we don’t know how to delegate time. 

What should we be paying attention to? 

What should we be doing, and what you shouldn’t be doing?

With what should we prioritize? 

All of those things are things that I had to learn over the years.

And these tools helped me a lot in putting myself and my business together 


The last tool that really moved the needle for me and kept me on track with everything is Bench. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Bench before, but it’s what I use for bookkeeping. I absolutely love Bench because their interface is so intuitive. It syncs with everything. I never have to worry or wonder what’s going on with my business finances because they take care of everything.

If you’re looking to get all of your business books together, Bench is really good. I love that I can just stay in tune with what’s going on with my business. And I feel like as business owners, we don’t know what we’re dealing with until we can see it clearly. And that is what Bench has helped me to do. So definitely that helps with an increase in income because I know exactly what I love doing and how I can move that needle even more, and how I’m meeting my goals if I’m falling short of my goal.

So, this is my Roundup of things that definitely moved the needle for me this year, I’m excited that I was able to share this with you.

What are the tools that have helped you make money this year? 



Tools that made me money in business

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