How I use Trello for my Business


How I use Trello for my Business

Having a project management tool is essential for your business. You need to have a place where you can store ideas, and expand on them to further execute them. Many businesses use different platforms like Asana, Clickup, Airtable, and whatnot. But, in my business, I use two unique ones, Notion and Trello. Today, I’m going to be talking about organization in your project management tool and how I use Trello to manage my business. 

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First of all, Trello is FREE and is good for a small team. I used to manage it alone and now it’s fun and exciting to share everything in a system with my team. 

Setting a Board for your Goals and for your systems 

Depending on your goals, what we want to do is make sure that every month you are working in alignment with your goals. So, set a time to map out your income goals, house goals, business goals, in quarters.

Then, you can map out your systems needed to achieve those goals in different boards. 

For example: I have boards for my: 

  • Editorial Calendar 
  • Monthly Board 
  • Onboarding Process
  • Youtube and Podcast content 
  • Social media content 
  • and my courses 

How I use Trello for my Business to Map out Processes 

If you know me, you know that I love mapping out a process. I like to see the process of it. I love seeing what the full process entails. So, whether I’m launching something or I need to complete something, we would work through this Trello board as well.

And one thing that I do love about Trello is that you’re able to go in and, check things off. So for me, I love seeing bigger picture at first, but I like seeing little tasks that you have to complete in alignment with achieving the bigger picture.

For example, for every video that you create, you think about the description of the video, the general idea of the video, the purpose of this video, the research on other videos, list points that you’re going to talk about in the video, mention what type of video is it? The keyword search and all that jazz. All of this, I have it as template inside my Trello Board that’s focused on Youtube Videos. So, every time that I hop in and want to plan a video, I simply pick the template and start filling the blanks. 

Um, being able to bring them, but also being able to have my teams stay in alignment with what I am seeing. And one of the cool things is that we have a board that we revamp every single month. Right. And this one is not too messy, but this one, we have all of the projects that we’re working on. So first of all, We start with all of our main monthly goals and what that entails.

And so everything that is after here is in basic alignment with what our monthly goals are. Right? So you’ll see that we have some projects that we work on and some of them might be things that you see on our email list. So you might be receiving some of these emails. Um, and so if you know, right now we have a secret.

I also have a Main Monthly Board where we map out the YouTube videos that are coming up, the Live shows that we need to prepare, the collaborations with brands that are happening that specific month, the goals that we have on the backend of the business, and so on. 

Setting Trello Boards for Content 

Being organized is such an amazing thing. If you can see the bigger picture for what you’re doing, it makes things so much easier. So, when I have things pre-planned, it’s so easy to get in front of the camera and create because I have it all mapped out. 

  • Once you have the goals for the month planned out, think about what products are you going to sell, what freebies are you going to share, and what main topic are you going to focus on when it comes to creating content. Let’s say I’m doing a video content creation challenge or a video content masterclass. That means whatever I am creating here is going to be in alignment with that, because we always need to think about goals when it comes to our online businesses. 
  • Think about your content pillars and your affiliates if you have any. Plan out your content based on your content pillars and different ways to approach to them. Content can be entertaining, educational, foundational, financial. To know the type of video that you’re planning on to, you can use the label feature where you can select a color that will identify that card from the board. For example, I’m affiliate with Thinkific. And I make sure that I always make content for Thinkific and to make sure that I have content for that specific content pillar, I place a color label in the card so that I can see it clearly.

I hope this was helpful.




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