Faith The Size of A Mustard Seed: Faith The Size of A Mustard Seed / Business Advice

Faith The Size of A Mustard Seed: Faith The Size of A Mustard Seed / Business Advice

This year has been the most trying year of my entire life!
I lost my grandmother suddenly and my entire world crashed in a millisecond. Losing someone that close is never easy and I was lucky enough to grow up with all four grandparents. So I couldn’t even begin to comprehend life without her when it happened.
This year was also a test for my business as well. I promise you I had never ever thought that working for yourself would be this tough. Full-Time entrepreneurship is no joke and I give all the respect to the people that make it look so easy. 
The theme of this year was certainly growth and although a reflection of my year is a bit early for the first day of December, I just thought I’d pay homage to the blessing that 2016 was in itself.
Because you have so little faith.” He answered. “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.
— Matthew 17:20
There were times within this year when I didn’t know my next step or how I would make it through but knowing the vision I have for myself and knowing in my heart that I am truly a specially talented being, here to make an impact on the world has kept me completely focused. There will be times where you feel like your voice isn’t big enough, or like you don’t have much to offer to someone else.
Everyone goes through periods of feeling this way whether they might say it or not. It’s the ability to truly push through and turn your imperfect thoughts into perfect actions (not perfect as in waiting until your actions are just right, but perfect as in just doing it no matter what) that truly makes a difference.
One of my own accomplishments this year was to release a product/tool that I created to help you completely plan out your YouTube videos for months/weeks in advance, increase your views and subscribers and boost your channel engagement in less than 60 days. Perfect for people who have YouTube or are interested in starting a YouTube channel. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, I just knew it was going to get done! Faith kept me focused and I released it! 
Putting out The Ultimate Video Projection Planner was like having a baby! Totally worth it by the way, because it’s helping so many people already. Bottom line is no matter how small that inkling of Faith is, as long as it’s there amazing things will happen. 
Biggest Lesson this year: Have Faith the Size of A Mustard Seed. Teacher: Florencia Theodora London (my Grandmother). Biggest realization: Angels really do exist.
— XayLi Barclay
Outfit: My Grandmother’s closet (could you believe it? She was too fly!)

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