How I Use My Creativity to Gain Confidence in Sales

How I use my Creativity to Gain Confidence in sales | XayLi Barclay | Sales Coach | Thinkific Expert | Video content creator coach

How I Use My Creativity to Gain Confidence in Sales

As a creative business owner/entrepreneur, it’s important to know how to gain confidence in sales and selling your products and services. This is something that I struggled with in the past and now I feel the need to help other people overcome their fears of selling. Thinking about selling and sales as serving gave me the edge on being creative with my sales planning and launches.

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about creativity and pushing past your limitations as a creative because, as creators, we sometimes tend to let a specific part of the creative journey stop us as it pertains to create a product. 


We get excited and we love the creation process. 

So, we create that product, but we never get to the point of selling it. 

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How to have more confidence in sales

I feel like a lot of people who are creative are also afraid of it being paid very well for being creative. And that’s one thing that I didn’t understand at the beginning of my journey, meaning that when I started off as a designer and makeup artist I was doing so many creative things. I’m really good with my hands and creating things. 

And so I loved fashion. I loved all these things, but I didn’t understand how to monetize those things. Now that I’m in the digital space, and I am able to create and sell effortlessly, I get to have fun and create while I’m selling. That’s what makes selling really easy for me or effortless for me. 

I believe that everyone is somehow multitalented. All you have to do is pull resources and resources, do research, and think of yourself as an overall creator. 

Doing this will give you so much insight, power, and the ability to create the life that we specifically want to live. I really believe in that. As a creator, you can use creativity to push past your limitations. When I say limitations I mean that so many times we think “I am great at making this thing, but I’m not good at selling it.”

However, that’s something that every creative can get over. It’s really about connecting yourself to your product. How can I be creative in building this campaign that I’m doing? If you are creative, I believe you can create anything. 

I believe that we are all creators, even if you’re not creative. 

You are creative. But, we just need to extend the creativity past that thing that we feel like we’re talented or great add into selling yourself or, the way that you show up in the online space. 

How can you be creative about that? 

For example, Microcontent. Reels are a great way to get exposed to a bigger audience. Because Instagram is pushing reels. And when I speak about Reels, I’m talking about Reels, Tik Tok, YouTube shorts, all the videos that are under 60 seconds, in a timeframe. 

With this micro-content, you have to create a video that is within that timeframe. Personally, I couldn’t get into it because I love creating in-depth long-form content that is juicy, educational, and serving value. So, doing that would have felt inauthentic. But I started because I always have these little messages that I want to give to people that will go well in a 60-second attention span. And it went well. 

So you have to find your own creative way of doing it. For me, micro-content was a limitation. 

But, I started looking at another perspective of bringing a solid message to the table within that timeframe. 

All in all. I just want it to get on here and share with you. The fact that creativity or being creative and pushing past your limitations as a creative is possible in order for you to live off of your craft or off of what you do. With the creativity that you’re putting into your craft, your work, your product, you can put that into the full spectrum of building marketing and selling as well. If you can create something, you can create anything.

I hope this was helpful. 



How I use my Creativity to Gain Confidence in sales | XayLi Barclay | Sales Coach | Thinkific Expert | Video content creator coach

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