Video Content Strategy, Creation, Optimization & Planning

The Video Content Creation Package created to help you get intentional, get found and place your Brand/Blog/Business on autopilot using strategic, quality Video Content.

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Does this sound like you?


Are you tired of having too many thoughts swirling around in your head, but not knowing how to get them out to your audience?


Have you been feeling overwhelmed because you're unsure of what you should publish to your content calendar next?


Are you tired of time constantly catching up to you with no real content readily available and on hand?


You know your stuff, and you can talk passionately about your area of expertise for hours on end, but you need to strategically transfer your knowledge into quality video content so that you are able to automatically reach audiences you never even thought existed.


Your new audience is waiting to hear from you!!


What you need is a proper system for your Video content, along with planning, optimization, scheduling and strategy.


Together we will


I will be providing


Prep: Call 1


Here we will be conducting an in depth Content audit, YouTube Channel audit and Video Content Audit. We will also be organizing and optimizing your YouTube  Channel. By the end of this call we will strategic plans for channel organization and be ready for stage 2 of the process. 

Planning: Call 2

Topic and Content Creation

Here we will be focused on creating and scheduling 3 months (90 days) worth of video content for your Brand/Blog/Business. We are going to work based on the Content Umbrella created during your discovery call. 

Those topics will be broken down into Quality Video Content, Planned, Optimized and Scheduled into the next 90 days. 

Content Creation: Call 3

Work Through

Using all of the content discussed, planned and created for you, you will be recording video content to be scheduled out into the next 90 days. 

Optimization: Call 4

Titles, Tags, Descriptions etc

Using all of the content created I will be creating search based Titles, Tags, Keywords, Descriptions etc for your already created content. These can also be repurposed for other video platforms. 

Content Marketing: Call 4

Social Media Scheduling

Content is scheduled for you and set to be automatically released to your growing audience.

By the time we are done you will have-

A set plan for the next 90 days (90 Days of Strategically planned Optimized Video Content) to propel your free content into paying service/products.