Sierra Glam Shop On Microblading & Entrepreneurship

I know you've heard of Sierra of The Glam Shop ATL right? I mean there are so many things that drew me to learning more and more about this woman. 

1. She's a boss, CEO, She is God fearing, an amazing individual and I can go on and on

2. She's 27 and she's been doing this!!

3. She's gorgeous and and beauty has her heart!! (Beauty, Business and Brains, you know she has my heart)

4. You gotta watch the video below to know why I love Sierra even more!

So what is eyebrow microblading? (The Sierra way)

In the video Sierra explains it to be a semi permanent process where the artist creates 3D hair like strokes that mimics the look of natural brows. 

If this sounds like something you're interested in, she answers all of your microblading questions in the interview below! 

I'll be honest, with all of the microblading I've seen across all of social media, I do love her way of microblading the most! See HERE and follow Sierra as well @Sierra_GlamShop_

Sierra has built an empire where she owns a Beauty loft called The Glam Shop ATL. She also does eyebrow microblading and teaches classes on how you can create your own eyebrow microblading empire doing the same as she has done. 

What I do love is that Sierra has developed her own specific technique of microblading and I totally respect her having the balls to perfect the process! This just shows that you can change the game in whichever way that you choose and still lead the way. (Put your own personal spin on it and rock out!) 

Now I can't give away all the juice here, so be sure to look at the video and let me know what you think!