Probiotics For Acne

I wanted to share in this video how much of a struggle I had recently with my skin. As a makeup wearer it was even more annoying because, I had to keep up with color correcting, covering blemishes and I also had to deal with not wearing too much makeup too often to let my skin breath even extra!

I threw away so much product because I thought that my brushes, makeup and skincare products were all culprits. Finally when nothing was helping I spoke to my best friend about probiotics. I had tried probiotics a few years ago while I was on a diet, but I haven't touched them in years. So thankful that I did!!  

Acne Be Gone!! In this video I'm sharing a few things that worked for me in clearing up my acne. I'm happy to report that I'm back to flawless skin and much cleaner insides (it sounds gross I know). 

Probiotics are great for a few things!  

If you don't know what probiotics are: they are good bacteria  and help to boost the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut. 

They help to prevent  

digestive issues, constipation, skin issues (this is what was going on with me) itchy skin issues, bloating, even yeast imbalance (yeast overgrowth of the vagina included).  

Probiotics are definitely your BFF!!  

Let me know if you sufffer with skin acne or love using probiotics as well!!  

Xo, Xay