Tips for Long Faux Locs

So many of you asked about my hair while on Vacation! So I made a video to let you know all about it! This is the perfect Vacation hairstyle! The older it gets, the better it looks! It's easy to care for as well, and when washed it looks even better than when it's initally done! 

A few Tips for those who want to wear faux locs over loose natural hair-

1. Be careful with your edges! Be sure that when you are doing this hairstyle it's not pulled too tight around the edges causing painful bumps/ bruises and/or hair loss.

2. Be sure that the weight of the hair (especially when wearing long locs) is distributed evenly. You definitely don't want the extension being heavier than the amount alotted for the base (root) or your hair). This can put extra stress on your hair!

3. Have fun! Style your locs! (As long as you don't style your hair too tightly) Have fun with them! I included a simple style below that can work on almost any braid or loc style!

Let me know if you're thinking of trying faux locs anytime soon!