Is Social Media Anxiety Real?

In this episode, I spoke a little bit about when I first started blogging full-time in October 2015 and exactly how it felt when I would get too many notifications on my phone. The tweets, the emails, the live notifications! (Insert bone chilling scream here! LOL). Sometimes I really couldn't help but to read those emails looking for inspiration and they ended up making me feel worse! Last year was a whirlwind for me! Constantly wondering where my next check was coming from, dealing with a course that flopped face down and feeling frustrated because I felt so alone. I just had to share a few things that really helped me get through all of those feelings.  My business has grown so much and so have I! Listen to The XayLi Show Podcast Episode 4 below, (go subscribe on iTunes and SoundCloud) and tell me what you think! 

A few things I covered: 

  1. Can social media really make you feel anxious?

  2. 3 ways to diminish your social media anxiety

  3. Why unplugging from social media can be a good idea and how I did it.

OMG, XayLi I felt just like this/ I feel like this right now. Social Media anxiety is real!