How To Create Webinars/Live Classes Inside of Thinkific

I just had to create a video about this topic because this has simply worked wonders on my end. I'm hosting a live class inside of the Thinkific platform this Saturday and people were asking inside of the Thinkific Facebook group about live streaming! So, I decided to just show my way of this!!  Although you're able to use tools like zoom, and Webinar Jam, both of which I use myself, I love using Thinkific itself at times because I can also load freebies and upsells into the webinar.

This helps the potential student to also get familiar with the quality of my courses and the platform as well.

BTW, have you started thinking about creating courses yet?!? If not, listen.. I'm so serious when I say creating courses changed my life! Like I actually enjoy even the entire course creation process! Yup, from inception (the idea of a course) to making that beautiful sales page live!! Just the thought of an online course with value bursting at the seems, that is able to make a life changing transition for someone makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I smile a lot more than I did when I was working at my 9-5 and my bank account smiles too! 

I guess that's why being one of Thinkific's carefully selected experts is so important to me! Want to know how I can help you create or enhance your course? Learn more about me on my Thinkific Experts Page.

So I've included a detailed video for you below on adding a live stream to your own Thinkific platform.  

In the video I discussed: 

1. The new Thinkific page builder

2. You can find me HERE if you're looking for a Thinkific Expert

3. How to set up the Disqus content type in Thinkific for your comments  

4. How to Set up your own Live Event in YouTube

5. How to Embed your livestream

You're now ready to roll! 


Questions? Comments? Leave them below! I'd love to hear from or connect with you!

Chat soon!