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So, I've started my juicing journey and I wanted to share on the blog because so many people were asking questions! I began sharing my journey on Instagram and the feedback was insane. First I wanted to start off with telling you guys why I decided to juice. I'll also start with the fact that when I lost 30 pounds a few years ago (eating clean and working out consistently), I wasn't the biggest fan of juicing at all! In fact, if someone told me they were juicing I actually rolled my eyes. I was all about eating 5 small meals a day (proteins, good fats and good carbs etc.). I would meal prep religiously and losing weight rapidly.


What changed? TIME! I honestly don't have the time to allocate to meal prepping anymore. You might think you have more time on your hands when you have your own business, but I think it is actually the other way around (Trust me I'm working on this). So for me, juicing takes like 30 mins tops! I love it, and I juice enough for a few days (freeze what I can't use within 72 hours). 

Pictures from Nov 2016

Pictures from Nov 2016


I must admit that when I was about to start I was a but nervous about the cost of this whole juicing thing. So I decided to read a thousand and twenty five reviews and start off with a beginner juicer. I found the juicer below on Amazon and fell in love with it!! I really produces a great deal of juice from the produce and is easy to clean and set back up (I secretly really enjoy even the process of juicing). 


I was also nervous about the cost of produce as we all know that it is costly to eat healthy. Now the reason why I decided to actually get my own juicer is because in NYC a good natural juice blend can cost $10.00 or more! Now I spent anywhere from $30-$50 for juice that I can drink allll day and alll week!! 


BASE PRODUCE: (gives the most water for your juice) Cucumbers and Celery are best for this.

LEAFY GREENS: (additional nutrients) These can be herbs, Kale, Spinach, lettuce etc.

FLAVOR BURST: (add loads of flavor/ a zap of sweetness) These can be apples, carrots, pineapples, beets, pears etc. (go easy on these guys).

CITRUS PRODUCE: (add a burst of freshness) Limes, oranges, lemons, grapefruits etc

ADDITIONAL: My fav! (adds a zing to your juice) wheatgrass, ginger, tumeric, cayenne etc.



If you have not watched the Joe Cross- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Documentary on Netflix, I suggest you do. This is what I started reading to educate myself on my own juicing journey. 

I'll be updating you as I go along. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask down below. If you are a fellow juicing buddy, let me know down below as well. I'll be doing an update on YouTube soon, so be sure to leave your question for a shoutout on YouTube as well!



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