Why Sharing Your Journey Online & Staying True to Yourself is A Great Business Move!

I started working online over 9 years ago and one thing I've successfully managed to do is make some noise online! I'm talking visually, as well as quality content wise. While I'm in no way perfect (I'm very transparent about sharing that, because being perfect simply does not exist) I want to share why you should share about finding yourself (Your journey), staying true to yourself (your true story),and how that can pour over positively into building your brand.

1. Finding Yourself and Sharing Your Journey (Should You?)

Here's what I think. I honestly feel like sharing your journey could only create a stronger connection between you and your audience. Many of us get caught up in feeling like we need to be perfect or we need to have a spotless image etc. to be an influencer. I'll be honest, it's tough to share your imperfections and your dirty laundry online, but 9 times out of 10 there is someone who is sharing the same dirty laundry basket that you're using and they may need guidance, help or just an encouraging word or two. Being an influencer gives YOU the platform to help others, so use it for the good!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you have to spill your entire life online. But there are struggles that you can turn into triumphs by being a light or a line of communication for others. Example I am very transparent in sharing that I am sometimes hard on myself, most times I'm overthinking something that is perfect as is and needs to be released (courses and or new products) and there are times when I did not, or don't believe in myself at all. However, in light of all of this my faith never waivers. Although I might doubt myself, I let myself know that this doubt is very temporary, because I already know where I am going and what I've set out to accomplish.

2. Staying True To Yourself (Should you be truly authentic in sharing your feelings and thoughts?)

Sharing as an influencer does put you in an awkward place sometimes. We are human, most times humans tend to go with what the majority of people are saying or doing. Especially as someone who influences people and/or has a voice. Many of us think that we should pick wisely what we say or share, or be quiet so that we're not ruffling the wrong feathers etc. Staying true to yourself and your audience does include sharing your opinions and picking a side most times.

If you're thinking about the people that you don't want to offend, and it's stopping you from connecting with the people who need your help and who truly matter, then you're doing something wrong.

Example, I just shaved most of my hair off (video below)! If my grandmother (may she rest in peace) saw this she would have a fit. But she's not my target audience! LOL! My target audience loves that I do spontaneous things and I'm able to take risks with my style. It's a huge part of what attracts people to my brand.

Stay true to you and you'll find a tribe that can be true to you too!


3. So HOW Is This All A Good Thing For You And The Brand You Are Building?

Well!! Have you ever heard about Polarity? I mean think Cardi B for example (social media sensation, turned rapper).. She was able to start an army on social media and was able to constantly upload videos sharing her thoughts, experiences and feelings as a stripper from the Bronx! She shared her journey and stayed true to herself and still does that to this day. Of course now a days her net worth is in the hundreds of thousands (maybe soon in the millions). 

Polarity in Marketing is when you make the choice to endorse, support, or encourage something that may repel a specific part of the market.


In the words of Big Sean (one of my fav rappers) "Everything ain't for Everybody." 


So although everyone might not connect with a trash talking, funny, transparent girl from the Bronx who lived in a low income area of NYC and started a career as a stripper to give herself and her family a better life. 7.9 million people (me included) can appreciate her honesty, and seeing her rise to the top through her own hard work and influence.

Besides she also used my favorite form of content (Videos) to get to where she is currently. 

I feel like when people (like you and I) accept and start becoming comfortable with the fact that-

1. your message isn't for everyone,

2. you're never going to appeal to everyone or make everyone happy

Running an online empire becomes much more simple ( Yes, it's still a tough job) but you'll be happier on the inside.

These realizations are also truly important when wanting to start a YouTube channel!


1. Be You, Love You! Allways, Always - Alex Elle

2. Share your journey, you never know whose life you'd be speaking into or helping to change.

3. If you try to please everyone, you wont please anyone at all!

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Chat soon!