3 Tips For Online Entrepreneurship

 I was born on the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago and I visit every year for the festival of Trinidad Carnival. Every single time I come back, I'm fully refreshed and ready to go! Actually, it was after one of these trips three years ago that I actually decided that I was going to chase my dream of working online fulltime 100%. And I did! I came back from a long vacation and decided that I wanted to change my life completely!

This meant a complete change in ...

1. My Mindset (Change Your Mindset)

Although I had been blogging for many years, I was blogging without a specific purpose. I was also blogging for free and for fun! Now nothing is wrong with doing something you love for free and just for fun, but if you are wanting to create a business that takes care of yourself and your family, then you must evaluate how you'd like to connect what you love to do to your finances. This means that you should be creating content with a purpose! Think about your the goal of what you are creating? Who are you helping? Where do you plan on taking your audience next etc.

2. The state of my health, because it affects how I feel about myself. (Take Care of Your Health)

Without taking good care of my body, my minds tends to wander off in all of the wrong places. For me, I start feeling sad or depressed etc. If you don't know much about my battle with the bulge, be sure to read more about it here. Taking great care of yourself and your body is also essential to showing your audience how disciplined you are. When you take the step of being a leader and inspiring others, leading in one of the most important aspects of life, (your health) is a big part your relationship. 

Keep and eye on your health! It's very connected to how you feel abut yourself. When working online, visibility is very important. It is important that you feel good deep down inside so that you are ready to show up and slay regularly.


3. The way I thought about sales and money (Change The Way You Think About Your Value To Others).

Without understanding sales, money and how to sell yourself, your products and your services your online business basically becomes a charity. If you are interested in running one of those I can assist you because I ran one myself (lol). Being afraid of charging people was a huge hurdle that I needed to get over. One of the main reasons for this was because I loved what I did so much, that I enjoyed just helping others for free! This was until I decided to move into my purpose full time! 

I then realized that I was investing in stellar equipment, planning content, purchasing clothing and other articles to include into my posts etc, but I was working backwards and not seeing a return on my investments. (Sometimes we use our 9-5 careers to fuel our dreams and we keep fueling and then our business's never become a full blown business but becomes a parasite instead). 

I had to begin to understand that if I was helping someone to move from point A to point B and an income of their own, I needed to start creating and charging for solid services. This hit me when I was still "coaching" folks for free and I'd see them land contracts and other opportunities through my ideas! Charge for what you're good and and be sure to charge what you are worth. The people who really need your services will find a way to invest in them. 

One of the books that really changed my thoughts about business was The Daily Entrepreneur: 33 Success Habits for Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Aspiring 9-5 Escape Artists by Steve Scott.

Making these simple changes helped me to start helping other people while creating a flow income that allows me to travel for the first quarter of the year. I know how hard I work when I'm in content producing mode, so a reset like this is always one that is much needed for me.

Knowing that my bills are covered and recreation and relaxation for a recharge is essential, fuels me to create even more smart, strategic and valuable content. I have fallen in love with creating classes and courses and one on one coaching packages that help others to move forward in their own online careers. Although I have chosen Video Content Creation as the base of my current teaching, my goal is to empower business owners to share their true stories through strategic content that is able to help other people just like them. 

The hardest parts of my journey (not making any money, times when I couldn't cover my business bills, having to depend on others) are what makes me grateful for where I am in my journey today. We must appreciate where we've come from (If you want to know my entire story from the beginning, join my facebook group! I have an hour long video about my entire journey in there!)


Me at Grafton Beach Resort: Tobago


Looking Into My Future, at Grafton Beach Resort: Tobago, Photo by Tyri Coerbell


Me at Grafton Beach Resort: Tobago, Photo by Tyri Coerbell

As I'm writing this, I'm still in Trinidad! I've just returned from the sister isle of Tobago and I'm taking time to reflect and get into the position to achieve all that I want to achieve for the second quarter of this year.

It's time for you to take your blog/brand/online business into your own hands. Stand tall for what you believe in and put yourself and your dreams and desires first! 

You can have whatever it is that you want in this life, as long as you are willing to work towards it.