Camille Rose Naturals Defined Bantu Knot Out

So the thing with hair products is, we wonder (when I say we I mean the 4c hair army). We wonder, does this really work for my hair? Like will it really moisturize or seal in moisture etc? Does it really do what it's says that it does? 

Yes! We wonder all of these things because the people that might most times be advertised using the hair product has hair that does not match our texture in any way. Thing is we all have different types of hair, but when we find someone that has hair that is even a tad bit similar to ours we latch on to that person. I've done it, I'm sure that you've done it as well.

We're all looking for familiarity. Then we latch one to someone that has something or some experience that is similar to ours. Now you know that I love me some Instagram, but when trying to learn more about Camille Rose Naturals, I didn't find many 4c hair type reviews. So I decided to dive in and try this out for myself and the other Type 4 beauties out there. 


I wanted to show you how you could achieve a defined Bantu knot out using Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Butter and Curl love Moisture Milk. This style is really two in one because I enjoyed wearing my Bantu Knots for a few days before I took it down.