Big Curly Wig Review

Love Big Curly Affordable Hair?

You know I'm always here for a wig change. Coaching and having to appear consistently online with coaching calls, meetings and other visual engagements almost always call for a quick fix. Why not some simple makeup, a bold or dark lip and a wig! Yasssssss! So I keep them on deck! 


If you stay ready then you definitely don't have to get ready. This year has been a whirlwind of a year and having protective styles to go to definitely take the edge off of getting ready. For me working out is a priority every single morning and I'd much prefer to work out with a scarf on my head. So that cancels out wearing a weave (too permanent for right now). With my wigs I can grab and go!! 

Would you wear Dekee?


Do you like wigs? Which do you prefer? A sew in or a wig? Synthetic or Human hair! I want to know! Leave them in the comments below!