Best Wig with Bangs Ever!

When I tried this wig on it was love at first sight!! She was just perched on that mannequin head waiting to be purchased. I was looking for something that I could just sit atop my head in this exact manner, but I had a few speculations. I didn't want something that had that ultra wig glow that most wigs have, and I didn't want something that looked bulky either. 

Enter Katherine. She is perfect for the girl that gets it in the gym, but needs to be cute a few hours later. Yep, enter wig cap, beat face, and all of my hair covered. Which means I get to moisturizer my cornrows and cover them up for protection. Yes I'm that girl that loves to play in her hair (hand in hair syndrome, which eventually leads to breakage!). Nope I refuse to be a victim. So for the winter I'm covering it all up with protective styling. 

Katherine doesn't shed much at all, she has three combs, two at the temples and one at the back. She is also dense but not too thick which is perfect and she is textured!!  Go grab your own over at