3 Must Haves For Making Videos With Your Phone

Technology is getting better and better, especially where smart phones are concerned! I mean I recently upgraded to the much-anticipated iPhone 7 and I was pleasantly surprised! I even had a moment where I got a few better shots on my phone than on my vlogging camera! For vlogging (You can see my vlogs HERE). I use the amazing Canon G7x (no lie! one of the best investments ever for me).

But let's get back to these here phones! Apart from your phone always being either around or in your hands, the fact that every time a new phone is released with improved picture quality just adds to the convenience of it all! But there are a few things that can make video creation with your phone a much simpler task than you may have previously thought!

1. You NEED a TRIPOD! 


No one wants to watch shaky videos! One of the best investments that I stumbled across this year is my table top tripod! When I tell you that life has been given with this tiny tool!! Wow! Seriously! It has made so much of a difference and is perfect for creating recorded videos with your phone, dslr, point and shoot etc. 

It's perfect for travel because it's compact, andddd it's great for vlogging (catching locked off or standing shots when you're filming alone) and for holding your phone for live streaming as well!

I recently got this tiny tripod as well for vlogging on the go (It can fit in your handbag, I swear!)! I love that I can use it as a souped up selfie stick and a tripod all in one! It can be used with your phone as well! 

2. You Need a Sturdy Tripod Mount (Holds your phone securely in place on your tripod)

If you've got a plus like me (iPhone 7 plus) then be sure to grab a sturdy tripod mount! This one is adjustable and can work for different sized devices.

remote living, where to start,and how to do it (1).png

No more black bars at the sides of your video!! When you film in landscape it's so much easier to have a professional and polished looking phone video. 

What I loved most about these two items are yes of course, the prices, but the quality of these two items are amazing! 

3. You need Light

You know how I feel about light! I'll also be honest with you abut how I feel about light when it comes to filming with your cellphone. I'm a huge fan of artificial light because it's always available to me! I don't have to sacrifice filming throughout the night (when I work best) because the sun has set. However, where you phone is concerned, I feel like everything is just better (photos and videos on phones) with natural lighting. So! Find a quiet spot in the park, or at your local well lit coffee shop etc. 

Best of all, Natural light is FREE!!


You already know how I feel about Filmora for Editing right? Yup, it's super affordable and amazing for the person who is not ready to invest in say a Final Cut Pro or the Subscription Based Abobe Premier Pro. I have an entire blog post about how I feel about it HERE. Yes I even love it so much that I taught an amazing affordable class on it HERE!

So, Filmora actuall has a mobile app for Editing called Filmora Go! Yes, yes, I knwo what your next question is... XayLi! Is it for iPhone or Android? Well I'll be pleased to announce that it's actually for both! So be sure to download that app and you can edit your video flawlessly directly from your phone! 

Want a checklist that will make your editing so much easier?