3 Must Haves for Creating Beauty Videos

Are you getting your set up together to start your beauty blog? Yes? Ok great! Keep reading! If not then the next post might be perfect for you, so be sure to check it out! 

Ok beauty blogger! I'm going to share these things because they are absolute must haves! When I say must haves, we think that we can skip over some steps and alternate some things for others when working, but I know I won't be the first to tell you that having the proper tools to do something can drastically change the way that something is done. You might be able to do an even better job at whatever it is (better quality) and having the right tools can even help you to save time! Time is the most precious resource that we have. If you want to see what I use for my YouTube set up, be sure to head over here!

1. A good mirror

Can I tell you that this completely changed the game for me? HERE you can find the exact one that I have. A double sided mirror that is easily adjustable looks great in videos, and eliminates the problem of you having to either guess what you're doing or break your neck trying to use a standard mirror. So be sure to go grab one of these bad boys soon!


2. Good Lighting

Let be honest, this Diva Ring Light is one that I stand firmly by. Why? Yes there are ones that are more affordable, but the dimmer on this one make shooting videos and photos so much easier for me. It's much easier to adjust your lighting than to adjust the settings on your camera especially if you are a newbie. Although I am pretty much really proficient with my camera now (because I work with it every day), when I first started this "dimmable" light saved me a lot of time and headaches. I had it for a few years now and although this company has released an even newer fancier one, this on still gives me (and my content) life! It's definitely smart to use this along with your softboxes.



3. A Good Camera and Lens

Having a good camera is essential as a beauty blogger. Quality visual content obviously goes hand in hand with showing other folks how they can use your beauty tips and tricks to improve their own experiences. Many people think that they need a super fancy updated camera. I say if you have a good DSLR (I love Canon products) you'll be fine. I recently had a client who wanted to upgrade her old camera because she wanted to start producing better quality content. In this case my advice was to actually upgrade your lens. A camera upgrade can happen later, it's your lens that truly matters. Most of us stick with which ever lens comes with the camera, but I promise you that this move will make all the difference. 


So what are some great lenses that you should invest in you say?

Let me break a few down quickly for you.

1. Canon 18-55 mm Lens

This lens might not be an additional investment as it's what might have come with your camera. So I'm adding it because I truly believe in using what you have at the moment. I used my stock lens for an entire year before I moved up to something else that I truly loved. This was because I had truly mastered my old faithful and felt like it was time to step my game up. Some of my most popular videos were made with this lens! So don't sleep on it's capabilities. 


2. Canon 50 mm Lens


One of the most affordable quality lenses that every person should have is a 50mm.

This lens is great for shots with low lighting (there will be times when your lighting might not be the best). It's really compact, and super lightweight.

Anndddd my favorite feature is the fifty's ability to produce a beautiful bokeh! (blurred background effect).

It's a great beginner lens and most professional photographers keep one of these in their lens stash! 

3. Canon 24-105mm


Ready to make a bigger investment? I started off with my stock lens (the one i got with my Canon 70D Camera) but when I was ready for a more professional and finished look for my videos and photographs, I couldn't help but keep my eye on the Canon 24-105mm lens! This lens makes my videos look like pure television!! After all, that's the goal some day right? 

The images and videos recorded with this lens are truly crisp and clear! When focusing on beauty you want to create almost magazine quality visuals (if you are trying to get to the top of course!). I also appreciate that this is a zoom lens and sometimes different looks call of different perspectives of your content. 

I truly hope that this post is a helpful one! Let me know if you learned anything new! I can't wait to see what you create next! Join the exclusive Facebook Group (The Influencer Hub) to let me know!