3 Must-Have Apps For Every YouTuber

If you are a YouTuber, there's a change that you are always plotting your next YouTube move! I mean, if this platform is something that you take seriously then you're always plotting different aspects of your life and trying to figure out how you can connect it to video. And if you're not there just yet and you'd like to make YouTube a top priority, then listen up! 

I use these three apps a lot! So pay close attention. 

1. YouTube App

I'm sure that you already have this one installed! If you are a YouTuber or desiring to be one, then that love for the platform might have come from watching YouTube. Now I'll tell you when you cross over from just looking at YouTube videos and venturing into being a creator you begin to look for different things when just watching. You develop an eye for looking out for amazing ideas that you could possibly talk about next on your own channel. Most times the YouTubers that you are subscribed to might have done or said something that triggered an idea for your own content creation. So use your YouTube app to look for recommendations, research and staying abreast of your specific industry on the go! 

In a nutshell, you can:

  1. Record directly from app (only portrait, not landscape. For landscape see below)
  2. Edit in app
  3. Keep up with what's trending on YouTube
  4. Keep up with your YouTube subscriptions
  5. View your own library
  6. Search for any Video

2. Studio 

YouTube Creator Studio is one of the most amazing inventions from YouTube ever!! I started using studio some times ago, and let me tell you! I started getting so many things done on the go it was insane! Now if you're like me, you're quite busy most of the time. Although I have a laptop and a desktop to work from, sometimes I just like getting things done quickly on my phone. 

In a nutshell, you can:

  1. View in-depth Analytics
  2. Edit your video specifics (titles, descriptions, tags, etc)
  3. Edit Playlists
  4. Respond to, approve or disapprove of comments in app
  5. View YouTube Help

3. YouTube Capture 

Don't have a Vlogging camera? Not with carrying around a huge and heavy DSLR camera? I'm all about convenience. My phone is always in my hand and it has an amazing camera. So why not use it?!? I started using capture before I invested in items like the go pro and such for on the go filming and I still use it today! 

In a nutshell, you can:

  1. Record directly from your phone with clear quality video (landscape)
  2. Edit (add music, trim etc)
  3. Edit and upload any video from your phone (your videos automatically sync to this app).
  4. Even edit and upload you live streams (Periscopes, Facebook Live etc).