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Video Content is POWERFUL. There's no question about that!

 Video is the only tool that you're able to confidently use to Grow, Nurture and Sell to a Pre- Qualified audience with ease!


I help business owners dominate the camera, to Build, Market and Sell their Online Courses with Ease!

You've already been building a business that you're really proud of! You've been putting the work in, you've been generating an income, but you're ready to take things to the next level!


We're taught that then next level is really difficult, and that you've got to work even harder! But, I'm here to show you something that's a bit different from what 'they' have been saying.

There's a really cool recipe that I've used over and over with my clients where we take Video Content + Online Courses to create Seamless results!

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Wondering what the inside of an online course looks like?

Working with XayLi Barclay is a dream for us here at Thinkific. She is an incredibly professional and passionate partner with an extremely deep expertise. Our customers can rely on XayLi to deliver incredible value in the content she provides. XayLi cares so much for her audience and you can tell! She always goes above and beyond.

She has helped countless Thinkific customers achieve those kinds of "A-ha!" moments that only a consummate expert can unlock. She's been able to make the technology, strategy, and tactics required to succeed with starting and growing online education businesses crystal clear to our customers. They're able to do more and see more value in our platform and in their own businesses as a result.

-Aaron Morin
Senior Manager of Education & Community at Thinkific

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